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Patterns for sale are as priced. If there is no price contact me and I will let you know the price

And shipping and handing cost.

I take paypal or will hold patterns until a check has cleared.

Email me with any questions.  At  you might also receive mail from Same person. One email is my regular and one is for paypal.

I am selling these patterns to get a knitting program. Thanks for you help.


Jan the Village Weaver

Was 12.00 asking $5.00


Noah's Ark 

Peruvian 1 

Peruvian 2 

Quilt 1 

Quilt 2 

Quilt 3 



The Covered Bridges w/Buggies

Covered Bridges w/Apples

Farm Nights


Ricky Munstock


Walking Shorts for Passap was $8 asking $4

Beautiful Bottoms for Passap stirrup pants, Walking shorts Straight skirt Asking $10.00


Metbury Designs these are for the E6000 or Duomatic machines (no Console or deco required)

These are thick books and ranged anywhere from $18 to $45.I am asking for $10 each.


Plain and Simple 2 every needle rib cut in sleeve designs

Plain and Simple 3 Half Fisherman's Rib Dropped Shoulder Designs

Plain and Simple 5 Long stitch or Italian knit Dropped Shoulder Designs

Plain and Simple 6 Long stitch cut in sleeve design

First Choice for E6000 Knit garments as you learn to use the E6000

First Choice for Duomatics

Pintuck Casual Jackets E6000

Flower Rugs and Cushion Covers E6000

The Metbury Baby Book E6000

Children’s Tuck Stitch Cardigan w/deco card templates

Ten in Tuck Stitch for Children

Duomatic Pintuck Patterns w/deco templates

Sweaters for Adults in 4Ply

Children’s Motif Sweaters w/Reader Sheets

Comprehensive Drop Shoulder Sweater Patterns for E6000 and Duomatic

Shetland Look Sweaters for Duomatic with Deco Card Templates

Children’s Stocking Stitch

Simple Tunics for Children both

Over and Over E6000 with Reader sheets

Use It Up for Children E6000 w/ reader sheets


Passap Instructional Books


Passap Personal Instructor E6000 Part 1

Passap Personal Instructor E6000 Part 2

Passap System: Knitting and Pattern Technique’s Volume 2

Duomatic Knitting by Mary Weaver

Passap Creation 6

Passap E6000 Instruction Manual W/ Pattern Book (asking $40. for set)

The Passap Duomatic Deco and Forma by Kathleen Kinder


The Afghan Queen


Santa Bugle bears Bunny Ivy w/disk

Christmas Stockings Passap E6000 w/disk

Personal Monograms w/disk

Award Winning Afghans w/disk

Afghans II w/disk

Afghans III w/disk

Afghans IV w/disk

Afghans V w/disk

A Skirt with Flair DM80 or E6000 (without Console)

The Bugle Bear only

Rib Pleat Skirt





Louis Blystone

Sweaters for Beginners by Louis Blystone

Easy Sweaters and Cardigans by Louis Blystone

Carrot Patch Knits



Irene Woods

LK 150 Classics for Babies by Irene Woods


Eileen Montgomery

Mid Gauge Pillow Workshop by Eileen Montgomery

Sweaters for Preschoolers


Jodie Raymond

Signature Hats and Caps by Jodie Raymond



Fun Baby Items by Knittens

Fairisle V Neck w/ Mitered Neck Band

Jogging Suits for Kids by Knittins

Chunky Cotton Boatneck bulky $1

Basic Chunky Cardigan $1

Easy V neck with insert by Knittens ( Marian Reynolds)

EZ cut and sew neckbands I by Marian Reynolds

All over Fairisle sweater with Monogram by Marian Reynolds

Cotton for the Kids by Marian Reynolds

Fairisle Cable Critter Sweater by Marian Reynolds


Chris Triolo

PASSAB PRESENTS Chris Triola Sunrise Sweater w/disk


Sharon Minrath

Passap Transfer Lace Sweater by Sharon Minrath E6000 and Duomatic w/disk


Sandra Williams

Swiss knitter for Duomatic a Sandra Williams Publication Number 6



Penolop Ragland

Unique Necklines for Passap Knitters by Penolop A Ragland


Distinctive Knits

Instant Quilt Pattern Afghans by Michael Becker Distinctive knits w/disk


Charlene Shafer

Passap Story Time Quilts by Charlene Shafer w/disk


Virginia C Schewe

Here A Tuck their a Tuck by Virginia C Schewe


Marge Blasey Country Kreations

Drop Shoulders and Shaker Knits w. Fabric Appliqués by Marge Blasey Kountry Kreations book 4


Laura Haynie

Passap Garment Collection by Laura Haynie


Anita Pryer

A Wazoo for you by Anita Pryer


Barbara Corley

*V Neck Jacket with Shawl Collar by Barbara Corley is for the E-6 DM80.

Was 5 dollars asking 3 dollars + S$H (2.00)

Stripes of illusion by Barbara Corley

The Gardeners Jacket by Barbara Corley (vario)

Tweed Effect Cardigan by Barbara Corley (vario)

* Plaid Vest by Barara Corley (vario)



Billie Hall

Lost your Mittens by Billie Hall

Welsh Cables by Billie Hall passap verio

Sock It To Me by Billy Hall Passap instructions men's Ladies' and Children’s

Knitting with the Vario by Billie Hall



Patricia Wetzel

Fashions in Krinklespun by Patricia Wetzel

Easy Flat Pattern and Diagram Charting by Patricia Wetzel

Tips and Techniques

Mix and Match by Patricia Wetzel

Hints for machine knitters Patricia Wetzel

More Bulky Patterns by Pat Wetzel

Chunky Piecework Pullovers for w/m Patricia Wetzel


Pat Cook

Patchwork for the Passap by Pat Cook

Floral by Pat Cook Designs w/disk



Donna Paridis

Ladies Spandex Stirrup pants leggings and Aerobic Shorts by Donna Paridis 

Children’s stirrups pants by Donna Paridis 

Socks that Fit for Children by Donna Paradis 

Socks that Fit for Adults by Donna Paradis

Ladies Drop shoulder Coats

Men’s Shawl Collar Sweater

Ladies Scoop Neck Top by Donna Paridise


Sandra Lightfoot

Kids and Dalmatians by Sandy Lightfoot

Knits n Bits for Bulky Machines by Sandy Lightfoot

Family Knits Vol II by Sandy Lightfoot

Basic Bulky Raglan by Sandy Lightfoot

Bomber Style Jacket for Bulkies by Sandy Lightfoot

Bulky Drop Shoulder Sweater by Sandy LIghtfoot


David Mills

Passap Suit for Success by David Miles

Designer Slacks and Shorts by Derbytown Designs David Miles



Custom Knits

·                     Fabric Jacket by Custom Knits


Terry Hollis

  1. Passap embossed knit and purl pullover by Terry Hollins E6000
  2. Passap Embossed Knit and Purl Tunic W Placket and Collar E6000 and Duo80


 Misc items


Simply Socks for Adults w/Spandex by Liza Burgoyne 1

Simply Socks for Children w/Spandex

Cardigan Chevron by Val Donna

Children’s Raglan Collection E6000 w/creation w/disk

Kathe's Knits Cowboy /n Indians w/disk

Julianna skirt w/disk

Squeaker Bibs by Wish Knits Cheryl Jiles

Basic Cardigans and Sweaters Fisherman’s rib pfaff

Bramwell Design for Duomatics by Eileen Metcalf

Bramwell Designs for Chunky Yarns By Eileen Metcalf

Brawell Yarns Lace Pullover by Lynn Wohlsen

Simply Sensational Studio LK150 by Studio

Easy Double Rib Jacket by JJ Designs

Weaving coat suit topper by JJ Designs

Crochet Yoke Sweaters by JJ Designs

Cotton Sleeveless w/ Shawl Collar by Jo’s Creations

Summertime II by Trisha Whitefield

Strictly Quick and Easy drop shoulder t tops by Mary Hoeggenborg

Mid Gauge Classics by Mary Ann Oger

Pattern Book 15 by Denys Brunton Designer Yarns

Top Yarns Top Fashions by Denys Brunton Designer Yarns

Machine Knitted for Babies by NZMKS INC

Styles by Sally 1 by Sally Dwyer

Styles by Sally II by Sally Dwyer

Bonnies Designs in Sable Crepe

Easy Garter Carriage Sweaters for Children and Adults by Colbyrn Designs

The Sable Collection Posh Frocks by Ann Brown

Your First Sweater by Country Cousins

Knitting with the Country Cousin II

Your First Sweater (Ladies set in sleeve pullover) by Country cousins book III

The Afghan Sweater by Yvonne Rhodes

Knitting for Baby baby blankets by Yvonne Rhodes

The Childs afghan sweater by Yvonne Rhodes

Vests for all occasions standard machine by Yvonne Rhodes

Cozy Oversized Sweaters with the beginner in mind Ribber Required by Cindy Schott

Felted Vests by the knitting mills

Japanese Iris Coat Passap by the Knitting Mills (April Mills)

Jodies Favorite Demonstrations by Jodie Raymond

Signature Hats and Caps by Jodie Raymond

Bulky Round neck upside down raglan pullovers for babies and Children by Jodie Raymond

Here come the Dinosaurs by Knit specialties ltd

Family Affair by Marty Margenthaler

Classic Varsity Cardigans Mary Margenthaler

Womter Accents by Mary Margenthaler

Jellybean Knits for Girls by Camilla

Treasure chest of Knitting Aggie College Wardrobe (cabbage patch dolls) by Connie Stevens

Vests Galore by Linda Jones

Kids Sweaters Sideways by Wendy Phillips cute

Hits and Kinks by Fred Stafford general information tension swatch

Everything you always wanted to know about necklines by francs Stafford

Lullabies and Lollipops by Pat Frette

Tradition by Joan Drummond

Taffy by Joan Drummond

Carols Creations I children 2-6 by Carol Arnold


Knitting Computer Know how by Alles Hutchinson charting attachment

Vests For all by Harriet Tonn Tonn’s Yarn Farm

Neckbands and button holds by Bette Seymour

Easy Bulky Favorites by Louis Blystone

Maternity Outfits by Louis Blystone

Techniques and Tips Unhelpful hits by Just for Laughs

Zip back sweaters and pants by Susan M Casper

Women’s Bulky Knits by Jean Hutchinson

Something for Everyone IV by Lucinda J Borrone and Sandy Herbert

Something for Everyone V by Lucinda J Borrone and Sandy Herbert

Sandee’s Kwik Knits drop shoulder crews v necks book 7 Sandee Cherry

Sandee’s Kwik Knits Easy Infant Apparel by Sandee Cherry

Passap Garment Collection by Sally Hall

The New EZ Vest by MidnBulky BOND ISM

Raglans by Sande Baas and Mary Godlewski

Chunky Stitch Patterns for Studio book Intarsha Fairisle and more.

Hat with Neck Flap by Jo Flewelling

My Favorite Lazy Rib Collars by Betty Reynolds

Newborn sweaters w/hats, booties, and blanket by June Timberlake

Understanding the Singer sk-580 knitting machine by Susan Guagliumi

Chunky knits for Chunky Knitters by Linda Edison

Chunky Knits for Chunky Knitters II by Linda Edison

TAMM designers collection II Roselie Davis

Passap European Shopping Bag by April Mills the Knitting Mills Passap



Passap Reader cards (unopened)