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Amber's Knitting Machine



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From Top to Bottom

Gary, Amber, Shawn, Dustin, Cody, Christian

From Top to Bottom

Amber, Gary, Grandma Janice, Christian, Cody, Dustin,

and Shawn

Hi my name is Amber Goddard and I love Machine knitting. Here in these pages you will find many different kinds of projects including knitting sewing crocheting and just some other fun needle crafts that we have done around the house.

About Me: Gary and I have four boys, Dustin 11, Cody 10, Shawn 5 and Christian 3. I have a dog named Blackie (a border collie). I have a knitking KH 891 w/ribber and many accessories. I also have a brother 260 bulky / ribber. I do SRE (silk ribbon embroidery) and sewing of course. Sewing and Quilting.